Reflections on a Conversation with an Israeli Settler and a Palestinian

After a conversation with an Israeli Settler and a Palestinian, Julia S. was inspired to write the following thoughts:

The Israeli – Palestinian conflict is not a matter of one nation being at fault. Both have done many things wrong. Israel wants peace. Many Israelis, even Zionists, believe in the creation of a Palestinian state. The issue is that they cannot allow for the creation of a Palestinian state until Palestinian aggression stops. The other issue is that Palestinian aggression won’t stop until Israel gives them autonomy and stops being oppressive. There is a vicious cycle going on. Israel acts oppressive in response to aggression, Palestinians act aggressively in response to oppression. I have spoken to Israeli’s and Palestinians alike, both are scared of the other and see the other as monstrous. Only once we can stop trying to put blame on one side and instead work towards mutual understanding and respect, can we have peace.