A visit to Yeshiva and a Discussion with a Palestinian (Ciera)

Today was enlightening and eye opening. We started off the day by visiting the Gush Yeshiva. This beautiful study centre surrounded by nature was inviting and captured the importance of learning in Judaism. As we walked into the Beit Midrash, the passion of each individual to his religion became apparent. Looking at the old books and speaking to a member of the Yeshiva allowed us to recognize the importance of the continuous learning of Torah. After visiting the Yeshiva, Tjj AP headed to learn Krav Maga and paintballing. Although the techniques learned in Krav Maga were taught in a fun and light environment, the terrible situations I was learning how to navigate really do happen to people. This was an obvious yet scary realization. Once the excitement of Krav Maga and paintballing subsided, we headed to Shorashim; an organization that promotes Palestinian and Israeli bonds and understanding. There we listened to a Palestinian who lived most of his life in Bethlehem. Being Jewish and growing up with a love for Israel, I found it fascinating to hear first-hand the experiences of a Palestinian living in Israel under military rule. It required much empathy in order to understand where he was coming from and how his life molded his view of the Jewish people. Although I’m still trying to figure out what a solution looks like, the presentation left me thinking about ways to bridge the gap between Israelis and Palestinians.