A Poem at the Children’s Forest (Eden L.)

To Count

I like to count

Ima taught me the first ten numbers

This morning I found 5 buttons on the table and 6 apples in a basket

But when I came to school I only counted eight

Abba said ten yesterday

I’ve never been on a train

Though safta said we could go one day

I’m excited, why is everyone else crying?

I’m Rachel, they yell Jude

I don’t know what means.

A place, a race – a race that will never

be won, torch extinguished.

Burned in its own flames before it ever


2 people dead. I never thought 2 could be a big number.

I thought I knew them well,

She gave me candy after school.

Mom stop! You can’t! Please,

G-d, Hashem. Please listen

I call you melech, now you’re

king of the dead.

Take care of my dolls,

until I get back of course.

Why am I seeing this,

Mom swore the monsters stay under the bed.

They looked like animals in nightmares.

Now I know these animals are man.

I always thought when I would die,

I would have grandkids

and grey hair.

I guess my cousins get my dolls.

He is not older than Yosef

my brother

but in the place of a loving hand

he carries a gun.

All I need is time,

2 seconds, please.

I don’t need buttons, candy, dolls

Just one last time to say Amen

I like to count

1, 2 ,3 ,4

I dare you to count to 6 million.

By Eden