Making the Most of Today

Written by Laura Barkel, from Toronto, Ontario As our free weekend came to a close, the bus is back together again!! this morning we went to the Shalva, Centre for Special Needs. after being inspired by a video filled with real peoples personal stories, we

Mosaics and Bikes Make the World Go Round

Written by Noah Grennblatt from Upstate Newyork, NY Shalom TGGAP parents and friends. This trip has been amazing so far. Yesterday we had a ton of fun going bike riding and golf cart driving down by the beach. The scenery was beautiful and everyone had

Finally in Israel: Rappelling and Tzfat

Written by Moriah Berkovitch, from Portland, Oregon Hey! So after a delicious breakfast we headed to Dalton for rappelling. Some of us ended upside down but Samatha pulled through with fastest down the cliff. After lunch we then drove to Tzfat where a scavenger hunt

Shabbat in krakow: Being the Light

Written by Linit Freydenson,from Fair Lawn, New Jersey This past Shabbas was spent in the gorgeous city of Krakow. We began by lighting candles and davening. As the night progressed we walked through Krakow enjoying the various sights the city had to offer while dressed

Fifth Day in Poland: Making it Rain in Auschwitz

Written by Heidi Tanenholz, from Baltimore, Maryland The area is entirely originally and not restored like Auschwitz KL. We first arrived at a cattle car which transported the prisoners into the camp. Here a story was shared about a young mother, child, and grandmother in

Fourth Day in Poland: Finding My Name in Belzec

Written by Shannel Baron from Great Neck, New York No one is ever ready to face what we faced today and these past few days. Even though TJJ Ambassadors Poland is blessed with the best staff this year, they know that this experience is a

First Day in Poland: Exploring the Warsaw Ghetto

Written by Ethan Cohen from Phoenix, Arizona Today, we landed in Warsaw, and did some exploring of the city. Our first stop was at the last synagogue in Warsaw, built by the Nozyk family before World War II. It’s one of the last remaining buildings

Orientation Shabbaton: Our First Shabbat Together

Meet Aliza Kedar-Mehl, from Livingston, New Jersey, as she writes about the very first day of TJJ AP 2018! When I arrived to the shul for TJJAP, I was immediately surrounded by people as excited as I was. Everyone was introducing themselves and I noticed